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  • How much is actually donated to the causes?
    50% of all net proceeds are donated to the causes. Net proceeds is the amount remaining after product, production, tax, and shipping costs.
  • How did you choose the organization you donate to?
    The organizations are reputable ones we believe that are able to make a impact.
  • How often will you have new designs?
    We will do our best to provide fresh and new designs frequently. However, we are a young shop and it will take some time for us to develop new designs. If you have a design idea you want to share, feel free to share your ideas!
  • Is your site safe and secure?
    Yes! The entire website, all the products and credit card payments options are using very reputable companies that most of the internet uses for transactions. The entire site and transaction are from professional site hosts that focus on ecommerce transactions.
  • What will you do with my information?
    Only what you want us to, like keep you informed of new arrivals and collections we are working on. But otherwise, your information is safe and secure and will never be shared or sold.
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